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Create electronic work instructions, document critical information & build collaborative content that is easily edited in real time & quickly accessible anywhere.

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Boost Performance

Searching for up-to-date documents, tracking revisions and deciphering drawings is slowing you down. Improve your work instructions to increase efficiency and reduce training time.


Highly Customizable

Gather essential information from your users and insert customizable prompts throughout every step. Whether you require single sign-off or multiple authorizations, our intuitive platform makes it simple to customize your own approval processes.


Simplified Workflow

Paragraphs of text can be confusing to users. Ensure your standard operating procedures are followed properly with rich visuals, photo markups and step-by-step formatting. Built-in version control ensures your employees are always working from the most current documents.

Why Mr. Narrative?

Mr. Narrative is an online platform and application that allows your organization to quickly and easily create electronic work instructions, document important information and create collaborative projects that are readily available to share with others and are easily edited on the go for continuing accuracy.

The process is as easy as snapping a picture, adding text and other annotations and clicking save!

  • Libraries containing books and chapters provide a high level of organization for your Mr. Narrative account.
  • Control over access and permissions for each user and the ability to lock documents from being accidentally edited or deleted.
  • Single and multiple approval processes to ensure all information is accurate before publishing.
  • The ability to document everything from simple office procedures to complicated machine operation instructions. With Mr. Narrative the possibilities are endless!
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What Mr. Narrative Can Do for Your Business

Whether you’re a Hospital Director looking to get your nursing staff to standardize procedures or an IT manager looking for a software documentation tool the uses for Mr. Narrative are endless.

It’s a tool for visual learners - a group that makes up 65% of the population and a great way to continue your organizations green efforts by moving towards a paperless office or shop floor! Employee consistency is valuable in reducing errors and increasing profits!

Visual Learners

Over 65% of the population are visual learners and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Increase knowledge retention and decrease training time by providing your staff with a tool that provides instructions in a step-by-step, visual format.

Go Paperless

Going green is no fad. In order for companies to survive in an increasingly competitive landscape, serious thought has to go into creating sustainable solutions. Start by removing paper manuals and and other paper based processes and replacing them with electronic work instructions that are simple to create and easy to update!

Employee Consistency

Reduce error and increase profits by ensuring all processes are streamlined and all tasks are completed the same way each time.

Most Popular Features

Mr. Narrative is constantly evolving based on feedback. Each feature has been developed out of a need from one of our valued customers.

Powerful Search

The powerful search function allows users to use keywords to quickly and easily sift through content and find exactly what they are looking for.


Links allow the user to quickly access other information by connecting to any book, chapter or page or to any other content that is accessible from the users web browser such as external videos and websites.

Version Control

All changes to books, chapters and pages are recorded and updated in real time, giving you the ability to refer to previous version as required. All content changes are fully tracked with a detailed audit trails. All previous versions can be viewed for audit purposes.

ISO Approved Workflow

Publish content as it is created or require it to be submitted for approval. The moderation feature can be enabled at the library or book level, requiring all content to be submitted for review and approval prior to being published.


Users can export any chapter as a PDF file, or send a 'view only' link to people without user accounts, allowing them to view the content instantly, from anywhere! Share URLs are only valid for a brief period of time, configurable in your site administration panel!


Customized annotations allow the content creator to easily add notes and graphics to their pages. By adding arrows, boxes, circles and text the user can draw attention to the parts of the photo that are relevant.

Customized Templates

Create custom templates to reduce content creation time and organize the information you need with the consistency you demand. Your entire team can then use these templates to ensure all content remains consistent for years to come!

Draft Mode

Draft mode allows you to create or update content without your work being visible to others until it is accurate and complete. This feature allows you to work, and re-work your documents, before they will be visible to other users.

30 day free trial!
No Credit Card Required

Help Centre

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Check out some of our support videos to learn how Mr. Narrative can work for you!

For more help and tutorial videos check out our youtube channel - YouTube.

Take a tour through Mr. Narrative and learn about all the features we have to offer.
Learn how to search for and view content available in your Mr. Narrative account.
See how users with administrative access can create libraries and add and remove user accounts.
See how easy it is to get started with adding new content to your Mr. Narrative account.
Learn about custom templates and their benefits to building your content.
Explore how to use templates to create consistent and accurate content through your entire application.
Mr. Narrative In Action

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How our customers use Mr. Narrative

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can find a list of some of the most commonly asked quests involving Mr. Narrative!

How does it work?

Users create and store content that they have created to capture an existing process or a way to provide visual instructions for later use by them or another Mr. Narrative user. Table functionality such as picture taking is used and organized by Libraries, books and chapters to further organize your content.

Is there a limit on the amount of pictures/pages we can create with our subscription?

No, you have unlimited storage within Mr. Narrative however if you are no longer on subscription for the application you can no longer access the content that has been created.

How secure is the application?

Everything is transferred over encrypted and transmitted using HTTPS. Your data is as secure as your weakest password. We do enforce some password requirements.

Can we add videos?

No you cannot use a video as a page. The idea behind Mr. Narrative is to enhance efficiency in your environment. If a video is a requirement for further understanding you can link videos from other sites to pages and books to support the instructions for the user groups.

30 day free trial!
No Credit Card Required