Seeking Problems
Developing Solutions

Invaware Corporation is dedicated to understanding your business and developing solutions to bridge gaps and improve processes.

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Customized Solutions

At Invaware we know that one size does not always fit all. We offer standard applications with proven track records of creating operation improvements, as well as the opportunity to work directly with you to build a custom solution tailored to meet your specific needs.


Expert Implementation

Invaware's in-house team of talented computer programmers and engineers have their fingers directly on the pulse, providing quick and seamless implementation of any applications into your organization, and ensuring requests are handled accurately and in a timely manner.


Affordable and Effective

Doing more with less is top priority at Invaware. Whether you are looking to save time, money or both, Invaware can work to find the most cost effective way to alleviate some of the top stressors in your operation. Effective solutions are more attainable than you think!

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Why Invaware?

At Invaware we deliver more than just computer software. We deliver confidence to do your job right. We deliver organizational tools so you can increase efficiency and boost productivity. We deliver uncomplicated solutions to your biggest problems.

Invaware was formed with the objective of helping businesses take control through technology by developing simple applications to help compliment their existing systems. Originally aimed at assisting the manufacturing industry, we are now expanding our services into other industries and welcome any challenge. If you have ever thought, "Life would be so much easier if we could do this electronically" then we want to hear from you!

Looking for a better way to do business? Invaware apps can help you:

  • Go paperless! Reduce your use of paper by capturing documents and processes into a single application.
  • Decrease training time and increase employee consistency by recording easy to follow, visual instructions.
  • Streamline processes and eliminate non-value added tasks.
  • Boost effective communication throughout your organization.
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Introducing Mr. Narrative!

Mr. Narrative is our flagship application. Developed to record and store electronic work instructions, Mr. Narrative allows you communicate processes by using step-by-step visual instructions with graphic and text annotations to clearly relay important information.

Mr. Narrative can be purchased as a stand alone application, or in conjunction with partnering products to increase its functionality.

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Boost Performance

Searching for up-to-date documents, tracking revisions and deciphering drawings is slowing you down. Improve your work instructions to increase efficiency and reduce training time.

Highly Customizable

Gather essential information from your users and insert customizable prompts throughout every step. Whether you require single sign-off or multiple authorizations, our intuitive platform makes it simple to customize your own approval processes.

Simplified Workflow

Paragraphs of text can be confusing to users. Ensure your standard operating procedures are followed properly with rich visuals, photo markups and step-by-step formatting. Built-in version control ensures your employees are always working from the most current documents.


Inventory control, electronic work instructions, maintenance logs

Health Care

Help employees adhere to strict regulations.

Human Resources

Payroll systems, employee absence tracker.

Food Services

Inventory and ordering systems.

Customized Solutions
to Fit Your Needs

Out of great problem comes the opportunity to create great solutions! If we cannot find a solution within one of our existing programs, Invaware can work with you to find the best way to tackle your biggest headaches! How do we do it?

  • We seek to understand your busiess and how it works and take the time to listen to the struggles in your day to day processes.
  • We work with you to conceptualize the perfect solution.
  • We develop you a custom application that can be implemented on your computer, phone or tablet.
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Mr. Narrative Reduces Training Time By 90%

Mr. Narrative Reduces Training Time By 90%

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Mr. Narrative Improves Customer ROI in Days!

Mr. Narrative Improves Customer ROI in Days!

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Increase Employee Accuracy With Mr. Narrative

Increase Employee Accuracy With Mr. Narrative

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